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Tintagel is set high on the rugged North Cornwall coast and has dramatic sea views both from the castle ruins on the headland and island.

This is a spectacular place which is steeped in myths and mystery has inspired artists and writers throughout history. Tintagel is associated with the legend of King Arthur and has a spectacular castle.

The Castle is considered to be the second most popular attraction in the United Kingdom. Tintagel Island, where the remains of the 13th century castle stand, is famous as being the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur in the late fifth century. Legend has it that Arthur was the son of the outstandingly beautiful Igraine who was seduced by King Uther Pendragon through one of Merlin’s spells, transforming Uther’s appearance to appear like Duke Gorlois, Igraine’s husband. Geoffrey of Monmouth writes, “that night she conceived Arthur, who afterwards became famous for his outstanding bravery.”

To book your time slot to cross the bridge and enter the castle visit The English Heritage Website where you will find out everything you need to know about the Castle and the New Bridge : https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/tintagel-castle/

A visit to the Visitor Centre is a great help with things to do.

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