St.Nectens Glen

St. Nectan’s Glen

Sited near Tintagel in North Cornwall, this beautiful valley is hidden and is only accessable on foot. This unique 60 foot waterfall is at the head if the idyllic wooded valley of St. Nectan’s Glen. St Nectan’s waterfall has been described as amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in the country.

The Kieve has been a place of reverence, worship and healing since pre-Christian times. People of many faiths have walked the ancient route to the waterfall to bathe in its mysterious and therapeutic atmosphere.’ The Kieve is where the Knights of the Round Table allegedly swore their oath to find the Holy Grail and received blessing.

From Easter to the end of October the waterfall and tea gardens are open daily from 10.30am to 6.30pm. From November to Easter the waterfall and tea gardens are closed except for school and bank holidays.