King Arthurs Great Halls in Cornwall

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Tintagel is famous for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

There are lots of historic places to visit around the Bossiney House Hotel that relate to King Arthur on our list below: –

Tintagel Castle
Tintagel Castle

The Tintagel Castle is considered to be the second most popular attraction in the United Kingdom.

Tintagel Island, where the remains of the 13th century castle stand, is famous as being the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur in the late fifth century.

Legend has it that Arthur was the son of the outstandingly beautiful Igraine who was seduced by King Uther Pendragon through one of Merlin’s spells, transforming Uther’s appearance to appear like Duke Gorlois, Igraine’s husband. Geoffrey of Monmouth writes, “that night she conceived Arthur, who afterwards became famous for his outstanding bravery.”